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The Creators HQ and Sangfah Form Joint Venture To Launch “CONNER Ratchathewi”
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The Creators HQ and Sangfah Form Joint Venture 
To Launch “CONNER Ratchathewi” 
A luxury Condominium with 3.2 billion baht project value 
With Plus Property to Manage Sales 
28 May, 2016 - The Creators HQ Co., Ltd. and Sangfah Construction & Engineering Co. Ltd. announced the launch of “CONNER Ratchathewi” a luxury condo located in Ratchathewi district, one of the country’ vibrant and energetic neighborhoods. The project value is 3.2 billion baht, with unit price starting at 8.1 million baht. Targeting own-stay buyers and investors, the project represents a concept of “Future is Just Around the Corner”. The idea is to give access to future living and lifestyle in the up-coming prime location of Bangkok. With its strategic location, CONNER Ratchathewi provides walking distance of 300 meters to the Skytrain station and 0 meters to soon-to-be Underground Railway station. The Creators HQ sets an ambitious sales target of 100% within three months following the launch.  
Mr. Chaiwat Jaktae, Managing Director, the Creators HQ Co., Ltd. announced on the launch that, “The company is committed to developing the finest residential projects. It employs dynamic corporate strategy and has new-generation management team. All team members share a common goal: to leverage the living standard through the use of space. CONNER Ratchathewi’s unique differentiations lie in its ability to serve the exact needs of consumers and innovation it offers. The Creators HQ’s direction is to team up with expertise agencies as well as to establish joint ventures with high potential partners, to ensure the highest quality projects. Today, The Creators HQ has formed a joint venture with Sangfah Construction & Engineering Co. Ltd, resulting a subsidiary company called - CO9 Co., Ltd, which is responsible for developing CONNER Ratchathewi. Given the fact that Sangfah Construction & Engineering Co. Ltd has an unsurpassed record of excellence in the construction field, with their know-how and over 50 years of extensive experience, buyers can be rest assured on the satisfactory construction with highest quality standards and complete it in a timely manner,”  
Dr Cherdsak Ampornsuksakul, Managing Director of Sangfah Construction & Engineering Co., Ltd. said “The company has decided to work with the Creators HQ because the two companies share the same vision which is to develop highest-quality residential projects. Furthermore, with the Creator HQ’s new breed executives and their unflinching commitment to meeting consumers’ needs, the company is confident that it will achieve the business goals. In fact, prior to this joint venture, Sangfah has worked with the management team in a separated project for C EKKAMAI which was very successful. The success stemmed from the effective strategic planning, human resource management, time management and careful attention to every detail. As a result, we are expecting to finish the construction of C EKKAMAI 6-month ahead of the schedule. Under this joint venture, CONNER Ratchathewi will sure be one of the most visionary residential projects seen in the history of Ratchathewi district. While the project’s architectural excellence knows no equals. The building will become a prime example of a future and nature integrated centre.”  
Mr. Chaiwat added on the details of CONNER Ratchathewi that “CONNER Ratchathewi is a luxury condo that is created under the concept ‘the Future Standard of Living’. The Creators HQ has developed unique selling propositions that include facilities, amenities and innovation to serve the consumer’s demand, by addressing and identifying their ‘Pain Points’ that they encounter with in the daily lives. For example, with today’s pollution, CONNER Ratchathewi offers water features and natural green space with Vertical Forest, which contains more than 150,000 plants that can produce 121% of oxygen for the whole building, more than enough for all residents living in 294 units. In addition, for modern consumer’s behavior where online delivery service is in demand, CONNER Ratchathewi offers an exclusive concierge service as well as a delivery room for online food ordering, to maintain the freshness with temperature control. Furthermore, the project is equipped with various zones of recreation spaces in both private and study areas, and the convenience of 79% of Automatic Car Parking. In addition, CONNER Ratchathewi is Thailand’s first residential project to use HydroSmart – a magnetic water conditioning technology imported from Australia.”  
“Regarding to marketing, CONNER Ratchathewi targets own-stay buyers and investors alike with 55% of Thai buyers and 45% of foreign buyers. With its high quality, unique differentiations, and value-to-money comparing to the price, we are confident that CONNER Ratchathewi will hit a “sold-out” sales target within 3 months after the launch. Also, based on the Thailand’s economy growth of 4.8% in the 1st quarter of this year– which is the highest growth in the past 5 years and it robusts across all business segments, as a result, the government plans to adjust the projected Gross Domestic Product (GDP) growth upwards to 4.7% from 4.2%. Hence, this fact is definitely a good sign that consumers will continue to employ the similar purchasing power for condominium projects like CONNER Ratchathewi in the 2nd quarter and the 3rd quarter ,” Mr Chaiwat said.  
Ms. Somsakul Limsuttaphan, Deputy Managing Director, Asset Management Department, Plus Property Co., Ltd. said “The areas of Phayathai and Ratchathewi has a high demand at 80-90% which is higher than the average sales of the new projects in CBD Zone and the overall central zone is at 66%. From the latest research, we found that in 2018, there are only 300 unsold units - of estimated 5% yield (rental price is at 20,000-25,000 Baht per month). Moreover, CONNER Ratchathewi is surrounded with large department stores, office buildings, mixed-use buildings, hotels, educational institutions and public transportation such as Skytrain. As a result, there is a real demand from the own-stay buyers and investors, reflecting a good yield and a great value-added asset in the near future. Plus Property as a representative of Sales and Marketing management for CONNER Ratchathewi, we are confident that with our 20 years of experience as a service provider with our in-depth research team, will be able to achieve the targeted goal.”  
The CONNER Ratchathewi is a 38-storey condominium and comprises of 294 units, located on a 1-3-21 rai plot land. Unit prices range from 8.1 to 19.8 million baht. The unit types include Loft 1 bedroom (30-42 sq.m.), Simplex 1 bedroom (34.9-35.5 sq. m.), Simplex 1 bedroom plus (50 sq. m.), Simplex 2 bedrooms and 2 restrooms (69-73 sq. m.) Simplex room type has a ceiling height of 3 meters and while Loft room type has a ceiling height of 4.5 meters. Construction is expected to commence by the 4th quarter of 2018 and to complete by the 4th quarter of 2021.  
For more information about the project, please contact Tel. (093) 289-8988 or visit  
For more information, please contact:  
M.L. Chatramanee Kasemsri  
Pirom Chansurakhon  
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Source: The Creators HQ and Sangfah Form Joint Venture To Launch “CONNER Ratchathewi”

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