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The 5 Attributes Necessary to Make Real Estate Investments in Thailand
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Choosing a successful investment in a planned timeline is one of the most important goal for real estate investors. Therefore, having clear targets and efficient spending on investment will greatly benefit investors, who are interested in real estate investment in Thailand , to gain a positive return on investment and reach their goals in no time.

Gaining an Understanding of Real Estate Business
Before deciding to invest, real estate investors should have a deep understanding of the business, such as budgeting to reflect the target goals or doing feasibility studies and gaining knowledge on the current industry environment in terms of Life cycle, demand, supply, etc. Understanding the market is crucial because real estate investment in Thailand requires constant monitoring of the Thai real estate market.

Financial Readiness and Investment
Real estate investors are required to demonstrate financial readiness within a period of time before obtaining further investment from financial institutions. In general, loans will be given only once the sales of the project has reached 40%; therefore, running costs to develop the project, such as cost of EIA and other costs related to the project, need to be initially covered by reserve funds.

Sales and Marketing Management Knowledge
Having knowledge in marketing, branding or even brand relationship with customers are some of the most important details that are required in developing marketing and sales strategies. Finding an expert to consult on real estate development will decrease potential high costs for investors as well as time spent on doing it alone.

Once there is an understanding in the investment for real estate developments, there are still 5 important attributes to fully prepare investors in order to become efficient investors and build a brand that is strong and stable in the market. This brand will be crucial in improving the value of Thailand real estate investments.

1. Knowledge and Knowhow
Specialized knowledge in the real estate industry such as property development, layout, land law and regulations to sales management and marketing strategy are important knowhow to gain a detailed understanding of the industry. Having a deep understanding with well-rounded experience of the industry is one of the important keys to success for real estate especially investors in the Thailand real estate investment market.

2. Budget Allocation
The ability to produce effective feasibility studies and control the costs of an on-going project other than the main costs that need to be paid during the project development. There will surely be future cost allocations that investors need to reserve funds for due to the unpredictable future problems and risks that can arise.

3. Manpower
Hiring staff and preparing experienced and specialised individuals such as sales staff, marketing staff and finance staff is one of the most worthwhile investments that investors can make.

4. Brand Image and Credibility
The one thing that you cannot ignore is the image and credibility of the brand. Brand reputation generates confidence and trust amongst customers. If you look in the view of the customer, they would prefer to purchase a property that has a presence of strong reputation in the industry regardless the risks involved in the investment.

5. Database
Having a good customer database will help with targeting the right customer groups thus greatly assisting in the sales management of properties both in the short and long term. It is not surprising that accurated database is one of the key success factors to real estate investment in Thailand.

Having a good consultant by your side is one of the secrets to being successful in property development,
especially for real estate investment in Thailand. Therefore, looking for Sole Agent companies that have the knowledge and expertise in marketing strategies is one of the most beneficial choices for property developers.

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