Articles | 30 October 2018
Real Estate insight Phaholyothin Ratchayothin constantly on the rise
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Phaholyothin is one of the main streets in Bangkok. Here lies real estate opportunities and infrastructures that could make living in the city comfortable. Interesting and opportunistic real estate areas, especially Phaholyothin – Ratchayothin are full of educational institutes, governmental buildings, offices and even entertainment establishments that will answer to all lifestyle needs.
From past to the present then the future
Paholyothin – Rachayothin is an area with great potential and is constantly growing. In the past, it was an area for single houses, schools and offices until it was developed consistently into a district of quality housing and high-end condominiums. Coupling with convenient travel route like Paholyothin road which connects to 2 highways that allows easy commute in and out of the city.


In the present, this area is still filled with offices, schools, residential zones and entertainment businesses however commute is now getting even easier with the upcoming green line MRT expanding from Mo chit – Khu Khot. Once it is finished, real estate development will surely rise as well, especially in condominiums development. This can already be seen in already established developments next to the new MRT line such as Mazarine Ratchayothin, developed by Grand Unity Development, which is located right next to Ratchayothin station. It goes without saying that condominiums next to train stations are highly advantageous.
 Pricing in the Ratchayothin area has increased by approximately 10%, with roughly 2 – 2.5 million baht per 4 square meters (1 Tarang Wa) at present. This number could even be higher for areas near the MRT stations as they are close to community malls and shopping malls. The area is also surrounded by office buildings which makes it the prime location for condominiums. Condominiums in this area was below 100,000 Baht per square meters but has since risen almost double the figure and has no sign of stopping. Once the Green Line MRT of Mo Chit – Saphan Mai – Khu Khot are finished and open for use, there will be even more bigger projects from both the private and government sectors. This makes Ratchayothin a prime point of interest for real estate developers/investors and people looking for housing in the area.
 With this great potential, Phaholyothin – Ratchayothin is an area on the rise. The real estate market in Bangkok is on the rise, and Phahonyothin – Ratchayothin is a very interesting district. It can develop much farther because of the upcoming new MRT line that will make the area even more vibrant especially for real estate developers that have been investing in the district. Phahonyothin – Ratchayothin had become more intriguing than ever and is suitable to real estate investors looking to invest in an upcoming district of Bangkok. Once the condominiums and MRT is finished, land prices and assets will surely skyrocket, if you’re looking to invest, look no further than Phaholyothin – Ratchayothin.