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Real Estate Marketing Consultants in Thailand - Plus Sole Agent
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Experienced Property Marketing Consultant to Reach your Market EffectivelyFor real estate agents, setting up a right marketing strategy is crucial to the success of sales, which is why a property marketing consultant can make the difference. A successful real estate marketing management strategy should create enough desire that help the purchasing go through. Today, we would like to discuss the topic of creating a marketing strategy for real estate industry that has experienced a lot of fluctuation over the past 5 years. This topic is especially helpful for those who are interested in investing in real estate. Real estate marketing management companies use a lot of these aspects in their operations. Choose the Right Channel to Match Your Target GroupOne of the most important factors to an effective marketing strategy is to consider selecting the appropriate combination of channels that match the marketing mix of your target group. Any real estate marketing consultant will tell you that, in order to execute the marketing mix, you should consider the 7P’s (Product, Price, Place, Promotion, People, Physical evidence/environment and Presentation) before choosing a channel of the media.1. OOH (Out of Home Media)        OOH is a media channel that creates awareness for clients who are close to the condo site making them the prime target for our marketing strategy. OOH can also include on-the-go public areas that mass population pass through every day or in close proximity from the condo project itself. Consultants in real estate marketing use this method very often.2. Online Media        Online media is considered one of the popular low budget channels used compared to other types of old school advertising. To be successful, online media needs to be responsive and suitable across all digital platforms such as webpage and social media as well as mobile application.         Website: A landing page must be created for potential customers to enter and fill in their information for further contacts. This can be done through many marketing methods such as SEM (Search Engine Marketing). SEM involves the promotion of websites by increasing their visibility in search engine like Google, Bing and Yahoo through paid advertising. This can be separated into different branches such as Pay Per Click (PPC), Cost Per Click (CPC), Cost Per Thousand Impressions (CPM) and working on building organic backlinks to improve SEO (Search Engine Optimization). These methods require a few important keywords that will be representing the features and functionality of your brand and these representative keywords will be displayed on search engine pages once searched. Some of the best benefits of online media is that you can measure success and adjust budget and marketing strategy with the real-time statistics provided making it very effective and fast-growing. Real estate marketing consultants find that this is a very important part of the mix.        Social Media: Social Media or SMM (Social Media Marketing) includes the making of content and buying advertising space to target the right group of people for the most effective exposure.        Mobile Application: Mobile Application is another popular channel to create an effective marketing strategy because it focuses on smartphones, a device more than 47 million Thai people used. The mobile application must be accessible both on IOS and Android for the best success and result. Real estate marketing consultants use this to engage wide audiences.3. Direct Marketing        An effective marketing strategy must always have target audiences in order to gain the highest ROI. The management of real estate marketing campaigns needs to target your resources on the audience you think are more likely to convert into customers (resulting in sales). Direct Marketing includes using email marketing or EDM (Electronic Direct Marketing), sales call, sending physical letters and brochures to homes and busy public places. Social media could also be another form of Direct Marketing.
Marketing Strategy for Condo Market Done Right by Sole Agent Location strategy1. Choose your target’s familiar areas
    Always pick a location that the client is familiar; this will help marketing the condo project be more effective and exposed. This is also beneficial in the long run because if the condo project is located in the area that has a good reputation, it is not hard to persuade them to invest their money in for a lifestyle that is associated with a good area. According to most real estate marketing consultants, accessibility is also key. Being in a good location can bring that advantage into the marketing strategy thus making it hassle-free for people to move in and live for a long term. Examples of well-known locations are Thonglor, Ekkamai and Rama 9; all of which are not far from the CBD of Bangkok which makes commuting to work quick and easy.2. Focus at zone with quality living        Look out for quality group of people that can guarantee real demand. We cannot overlook the importance of real estate, as it is a necessity to live under a roof, which is why there will always be a constant demand from people and this should be another important reason that condo projects can use as its marketing strategy. Real estate marketing management firms like to emphasize the price that is more worthwhile in the long term, if you invest in buying something with your name and not rent it out for short-term sake.3. Pick the better location        Always find the best area in the district to win over your potential customer and beat your competitor. It is crucial to highlight your USPs (Unique Selling Points) , whether your condo project is located closer to the main road, department store, community mall, hospitals or BTS station, you should show your best traits off as much as possible in order to catch the attention from people who don’t mind paying more for quality and convenience. Real estate marketing consultants try to emphasize as many USPs as possible.Product Strategy1. Quality        Quality of the material used is the best attribute you can advertise your condo project to the world. This includes construction, architectural, exterior design or even the name of the real estate development company that might be well-known. Establishing credibility and trust beforehand will only lead to positive effects to the PR campaign made by the company and will also help contribute to the overall credibility of the overall brand itself.2. Uniqueness        We can’t deny that uniqueness influences emotional core of consumer decision-making. With solid and fresh ideas on project main concept, the uniqueness is going to stimulate desire which will most likely lead to successful sales. Examples can be storytelling that is integrated with the condo designs or the faithfulness and consistency to the project initial design theme.3. Value        Value comes from every aspect of project planning. From the room size to the room design, functionality to multi-functionality of the furniture, everything contributes to the overall convenience. With the latest technology, conducting a sale will be easier and more effective as it will help improve the living condition of all residents. Real estate marketing and management is all about showing value and making the purchase easy.

Credibility Strategy        In today’s world where information is accessible anywhere and at any time with the help of the internet, creating trust and reliability with the details provided for the condo project should always be factual and as accurate as possible. Opinions and advice from real estate marketing consultants and real estate marketing management companies should be sought to build a foundation of reliable source to create credible content leading to establishment of trust. Apart from this, these experts can act as connectors of bridges by bringing in good networking and connections of relevant people in the industry and continue to help the brand thrive.       For effective real estate marketing management, the present day strategy has changed its model and trend significantly from the past.  This is to adapt to the fast-growing world we live in today. Importance lies strongly on the different media channels that will help contribute to the overall image of both the condo project and the brand itself. Punctuality and consistency are key to a great progress that leads to effective development and result.
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