Articles | 25 January 2019
High Techniques Selling High-End Property From Plus Sole Agent
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Today, the rising demand in the upscale market has resulted in an ever-growing number of high-end properties. Real estate developers are pushing themselves to provide their target customers with extraordinary options, from architectural design and location to the concept details of the whole project. Obviously, marketing campaigns aiming at customers with high buying power cannot be the same as the campaigns for other types of property.
High-end real estate properties at Plus Sole Agent are first-rate residences attentively-managed to serve the demand of our valued customers. Current projects under our care include Mazarine Ratchayothin, The FINE Bangkok Thonglor-Ekamai, and C Ekkamai.
In terms of sales services for high-end property projects, there are four extremely important details every agent needs to know in order to close the deal.
The Fine Bangkok Thonglor-Ekamai