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3 Distinctive Points That Plus Sole Agent Built and Succeeded In 2018
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Thailand’s real estate market has been steadily growing and the number of real estate developers are constantly on the rise. Real estate projects, especially condominiums are cropping up, both Thai and foreign-owned. But there are a handful of development agents that can call themselves “Leaders of Sole Agent” which developers trust in managing their projects. These are the 3 reasons why Plus Sole Agent is accepted and has been so successful this 2018.
1. Building and creating USP to projects
Managing a project to flourish might sound difficult but Plus Sole Agent understands that the real estate market has high competition. Therefore, designing to build unique selling point for real estate is a part of development building. An example is The Fine Thong Lor-Ekamai where Plus Sole Agent is involved in designing the project to have a distinct USP that can answer to consumers’ needs. In addition to partnership with alliances that are agents whom specializes in the foreign market, sales closed at 80% since the time of writing.

2. Precision analysis and accurate marketing strategy.
Good location, beautiful appearance, standing out and attractiveness also requires analysis, market research to evaluate pricing. All these are small details that needs paying attention to because they are essential in securing a sale. Plus Sole Agent emphasizes and care about sales strategy and analysis along with detailed investigations that made a development such as Quintara Treehaus Sukhumvit 42 from Eastern Star able to close all sales only at the pre-sale stage of development.
3. Not only pros but also visionary
Plus Sole Agent isn’t only consisted of experienced professionals to help our clients. But in real estate development and management, you also need partners in supporting different strategies. It requires strong and resolute analysis; like Mazarine Ratchayothin from Grand Unity whom were able to close 60% sales of the open-for-sale units. To be successful in development projects that targets higher income market, it requires specialty, expertise in analysis. cooperation with good partners which will result in vision and execution.
With success in the past many years, Plus Property was able to become a sole agent that can give consultation on real estate development and real estate strategies. Most importantly is the sales strategy that enables our partnered developers to achieve their goals. With our service that is more than just being a sole agent, we have utilized 360˚ partnership to help our clients grow with experienced teams that can help build brand value for our clients. We also constantly develop our teams so that different project managements that are in our portfolio, present or future, grow and succeed.
Plus Sole Agent
Experts in full-service real estate development projects consultation. From probability research to sales management and marketing for development business owners of all sizes. By expert teams with great experience.
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