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‘New Gen Sole Agent’ is the New Gen to Catch Up with Real Estate Trends.
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it is a no brainer to keep ourselves up to date with the latest trends if we would like to engage with the new generation. This is more so in the real estate marketing business where adaptation needs to be constant to be able to access the minds of modern people. In today’s world, managing to keep up with new trends is a great advantage in making marketing plans smoother because when we understand them, we will turn into a modern real estate developer that can keep pace with the changing world.
Business Planning Aspect

Other than just being a real estate consultant, studying the lifestyle of modern generation and keeping up to date with digital news or information are also very essential. Whether they are technology news, new innovations for living spaces or laws on real estate that are on debate, all these can make cost estimate or planning easier which helps us cater to the needs of residents and property owners.

Marketing Aspect

The most important factor of marketing is the ability to access the target market. Modern real estate developers must be able to utilize both offline and online resources to help access these target markets while using information on hand to more accurately create analytics. This is because in today’s world, people can see marketing channels anywhere and anytime. An example includes daily commute: whether it be billboards, advertisement posters on train stations or online channels such as blogs, real estate news and Facebook pages related to housing, when we are can utilize online marketing, we will be able to better understand the target market and present different projects to cater to their needs.

Selling Aspect

In the aspect of selling, utilizing technologies to help accommodate work is a very good thing. Especially making PROP TECH or Property Technology which is bringing technology into the real estate business both in sales and financial transactions to help reduce processing time. These processing time include showing room models as close to the real thing as possible through 3D rendering VR (Virtual Reality) technology, booking said rooms online that can help customers make up their minds without ever having to step into the sales office. Things that can take even more time like documentations can also be filled out and processed through applications to offer convenience to customers.
From the above mentioned, adjusting strategies to follow real estate trends are essential to New Gen Sole Agents. This will make it better and easier to engage new generation market which will in turn give target markets easier access to information and knowledge of the properties and help cater to their needs for faster closing of sales.

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